The Center for Sound Literacy currently partners with the staff, parents and students at Campus Elementary School, which is located at 710 Benjamin Street, SE in Grand Rapids, MI. We focus on children who need extra help to catch up to their grade level peers in reading and math. We often find ourselves helping students use up some energy on the playground or in the gym too!

Volunteer Opportunities

We would love to have you join us to volunteer in any, or all of the areas below:

  • Volunteer reading tutor
    Provide short one-on-one sessions during the school day that help students practice reading 1st grade level stories, and then move on to reading chapter books fluently!
  • Volunteer math tutor
    Provide short one-on-one sessions during the school day to help students practice 1st and 2nd grade math skills such as addition, subtraction, coin values, etc.
  • Volunteer classroom aid
    Partner with a teacher in the classroom to help meet the unique educational needs of their students.
  • Volunteer on the playground or during gym class
    Partner with the teachers to help students use up some energy and practice their social skills!

Volunteers have flexibility in the number of days per week and the amount of time they volunteer per day. We follow the Grand Rapids Public Schools calendar for school hours,breaks, and holidays.. It is suggested that you commit to  a minimum of 2-3 hours per week in order to create relationships and see growth with students, but your schedule and absences can be accommodated. All volunteers must pass a Criminal History Background check and complete the Grand Rapids Public Schools Waiver of Liability.

We do warn you though, that once volunteers start working with students, they tend to increase their time commitment from year to year as they see their impact on students! 

Come and be a part of our team that is breaking through barriers to create success for ALL students! 

How to Sign Up to Volunteer

Fill out this GRPS Volunteer Form

Contact hello@centerforsoundliteracy.org with any questions!



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